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“Become such as you are, having learned what that is.” (Pindar, 500 BC)

We are about 7 billion people on this planet and luckily every one of us is different.

We’re all different yet we all exhibit some common preferences.

The question is: are those preferences random?

According to Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, the answer to this question is No. Our preferences are not random.

In his view, some of our behaviours are predictable; they can be explained, and even maybe predicted, by a set of specific personality types that we are born with.

Don’t we all know that intuitively?

Learning about these inbuilt preferences, that Jung theory says we all have, will help you understand your own behaviour, your strengths and your blind spots.

You will become insightful about for instance why you get along better with some people and less with others, why you prefer a kind of work to another, which sort of information you are sensitive to.

And most importantly, you will understand others better. Remember, if the theory is right, if we all have a set of common specific preferences, then you will be able to understand why others behave, think or act the way they do.

About 2 million people use the MBTI every year.

They do it for their own reason of course but a great deal do it in a professional context.

They do it with various objectives: improve their relationship skills, manage their career, develop their leadership skills, improve their ability to work in a team, communicate better, manage conflicts…the list is endless.

So, why not you?

The dimensions we’re going to cover are:

  • what type of information you prefer,
  • how you make decisions,
  • where you take your energy from
  • and if you prefer to get things decided/planned or left in the open.

Completing this MOOC will take roughly 2 hours of your time:

  • 20 minutes to fill the official online MBTI questionnaire (in any language you wish)
  • 40 minutes of videos to help you understand what the MBTI is about and to position yourself
  • 60 minutes of debriefing with a certified MBTI practitioner to compare your self-assessment and the outcome of the online questionnaire

So, don’t wait! Register now and get ready for an insightful trip of self-discovery!


>Video 1: A brief history of the MBTI – The MBTI today
>Video 2: The MBTI process – What is a preference?
> Video 1: Self-assessment as a necessary step to discover one’s personality type
> Video 2: Preference 1: Extraversion – Introversion
> Video 3: Preference 2: Sensing – Intuition
> Video 4: Preference 3: Thinking – Feeling
> Video 5: Preference 4: Judgement – Perception
> Video 6: Wrap-up



Patrick Seassau spent 15 years in Investment Banking in London before moving 10 years ago into Learning and Development for Executives, more particularly in the world of finance. He set up several development programmes for the top-executives of major institutions and is strongly involved in the design of distance-learning programmes (MOOC). He is a certified MBTI practitioner Steps I and II.

Patrick is a graduate from HEC Paris (France) and Harvard Kennedy School (Boston) where he studied Leadership development (Art and Practice of Leadership Development).


MBTI with a Certified Coach

> History
> Questionnaire
> Self-assessment
> Debriefing



MBTI with a Certified Coach

> History
> Questionnaire
> Self-assessment
> Debriefing



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